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Disclaimer: These are patient testimonials written by real patients of AYA Medical Spa in Dallas, TX, and Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA. Every case is unique and individual patient’s results may vary on a case by case basis.

My skin feels the best it’s ever been!

“Let me start by saying Cristy is the sweetest!! I got lip injections with her October of 2019 and they are still plump and amazing. I went back to see her at AYA Med Spa because my skin needed a refresh! I was noticing my fine lines and textured skin so she suggested a Diamond Facial. Not exaggerating, my skin feels the best it’s ever been! Will definitely continue seeing Cristy and getting the Diamond Facial.”
– Ashlee, Dallas

The staff is kind, professional and always helpful.

“I would highly recommend Aya Medical Spa! The staff is kind, professional and always helpful. The Spa is clean and beautiful. They really take care of you there!”
– Svea, Phipps Plaza

I am glad to have found this medical spa in Colony Square!

“I just had a microneedling appointment with Amanda and will be making another appointment soon. I am glad to have found this medical spa in Colony Square! Amanda was so knowledgeable about all of the spa equipment. It was refreshing that the aesthetician did not pressure me into extra treatments or buying more product. The office is so clean and the treatment rooms truly feel like a medical office.”
– Sarah, Colony Square

My Diamond Glow facial was excellent!

“First time customer, won’t be my last. Christy was very knowledgeable and my Diamond Glow facial was excellent! Scooped up some awesome products that are not sold everywhere like MD spf lotion. Love the Revision line, it truly works! Can’t wait to go back in 6 weeks!”
– Victoria, Dallas

AYA keeps me looking young

“AYA keeps me looking young. I always feel my best after visiting the top-quality professionals at this practice. From Rachel, who takes care of you from appointment through payment, to Lynn & Erin who keep my skin young with quality services, the whole AYA experience is flawless … just like my skin after my appointments.”
– Rya, Northside

My skin still looks great!

“I had BBL and HALO with Allison over a year ago and my skin still looks great! I love how the procedures cleared my sundamage and made my skin feel soft and smooth.”

– Pat, Alpharetta

The best medical spa in Atlanta

“The best medical spa in Atlanta. I love my BBL treatments from Amanda. Highly recommend this they are always running specials!”

– Amanda, Phipps Plaza

I cannot wait to go back

“At the beginning of the summer, I decided to treat some stubborn areas with CoolSculpting at the AYA Medical Spa in Phipps Plaza. Best decision of the summer! Not only have my results exceeded expectations, but the hospitality and professionalism of the technician, Lynn was five stars. I cannot wait to go back.”

– Mark, Phipps Plaza

This place has saved my skin!

This place has saved my skin! The staff is excellent and very accommodating as well as knowledgeable in finding a treatment that is tailor-maid to you and your unique skin issues! It’s University Park’s hidden Gem. Kelsey and Andrea are my skin gurus! You have to a check them out! I cannot wait to go back”

– Whitney, Dallas, TX

I am a true believer in CoolSculpting®.

“I am a true believer in CoolSculpting®. The results I achieved were noticeable and impressive. For many years I was very self-conscious about the folds of skin that spilled out from wearing a bra. I could definitively pinch more than an inch. I went to AYA based on the outstanding reputation of the practitioners for a consult. They recommended two treatments on each side. When I came in for my first treatment, I was treated like a celebrity. The practitioner was patient, answered all my questions, and above all, delivered on the results I desired to achieve. I am more than impressed. Over the next month the spillage disappeared, and my tops and jackets fit so much better. Several people asked me if I had lost weight. Total validation that the procedures worked. I would recommend CoolSculpting® to anyone who is looking to fix “troubled areas”. The pain was minimal and the expertise at AYA is beyond compare. Many med spas offer this service. In my opinion the real difference maker here was the expertise AYA is able to provide. CoolSculpting® plus expertise equals outstanding results.”

Without Reservation, I Recommend AYA

“Just before my 65th Birthday, my skin became dull and lifeless. Changing my skincare regimen did not help. On a trip to AYA to get some products, I had the opportunity to consult with one of the estheticians. My life changed!
My esthetician analyzed my skin and suggested that I consider laser treatments, in particular FotoFacial and Refirme. She also recommended different skincare products. Not only did the treatments and new products revitalize my skin, my esthetician was a delight to work with. She is warm, personable, and professional. During treatments, I feel as though I am her only client.

The results have been amazing! My skin is clearer, firmer, and it glows…so much so that people who do not know me, comment on my beautiful skin! My most supreme compliment came from my brother who raved about my clear, glowing skin! The results have continued, and I now am on a maintenance protocol.

Before I began working with my esthetician, I carefully checked out AYA and learned that it is the med spa for one of the oldest plastic surgery groups in Atlanta. All the estheticians are licensed and very warm and friendly. AYA at Phipps is very convenient, with an elevator to the parking deck right beside the front door.

Without reservation, I recommend AYA to anyone considering treatment to improve skin clarity and firmness!”

– S.S.

I Have Been More Than Satisfied

“A dermatologist in Chicago diagnosed roasacea in the area of my chin in 1999. He prescribed antibiotics and metrogel. I used up the prescription and didn’t fee the need to continue – my skin seemed to settle down. However, when we moved to the south, I found the condition was worsening. I noticed more redness along my cheeks and nose and more flushing. A dermatologist again prescribed antibiotics and metrogel, but I was skeptical since I experienced the rosacea getting worse. It happened that the day after my appointment with the dermatologist, I got a call from an esthetician at AYA. She described the FotoFacial RF series and we talked about what it could do for people with Rosacea. I decided to try it.

I started with the IS Clinical products to prepare my skin, then the glycolic peel followed by the FotoFacial. The series does require a time commitment, but I noticed results immediately. My skin tone was improved, the pores were smaller and the redness and flushing were greatly reduced. I don’t have to worry about Rosacea anymore – I feel it is under control. People who see me regularly comment on how nice my skin looks. I have been more than satisfied with the service and the advice I’ve received and I recommend the FotoFacial series with the utmost confidence.”

– Megan Blackburn

My Hands Look Amazing

“Two weeks ago I had a photofacial done on my hands for my very visible sunspots. I wanted to let you know that my hands look amazing, I was skeptical at first because I had tried different treatments with no result. It has only been two weeks since my first treatment and I will need a second treatment however I no longer feel the need to hide my hands anymore.”

– Martine Swain

My Skin Looks Amazing!

“My skin looks amazing! Thank you! If you want a medical spa that is friendly, fun, professional and knowledgeable, this is the place for you! I have been getting treatments done here for the past year. I couldn’t be happier! People I don’t even know stop me to tell me how amazing my skin looks! I love this place! Thanks Aya!”

– B

I Am Quite Pleased

“Many of my lifelong friends have commented on how smooth my skin appears. They did not even know that I had the Microdermabrasion and FotoFacial treatments. They noticed the difference after my first treatment. With the second, I have seen discoloration disappear as well as other irregularities in my skin. I am quite pleased with the results and look forward to continued improvement with future treatments.”

– Rose Ferguson

Complete Satisfaction

“I am writing to express my gratitude and complete satisfaction for my treatment with Tracey Gregory. She is knowledgeable, professional and creative in her work, and I believe that it would be very hard to find someone else so intelligent and with all her positive characteristics. I now that I am so happy with her suggestions and how she has been able to put them into practice. I realize this is due to her passion for what she does, as well as her interest in constantly learning the new methods and techniques of your field, with its rapid evolution. Apart from her extreme competence and professionalism, she is a warm and interesting person, who makes you feel like an individual when you for for your treatments. Thanks so much, and see you soon,!”

– M. M.

I Could Not Be More Enthused

“I could not be more enthused about the results of my facial treatments. I purchased a Fotofacial and microdermabrasion “package” and after only two treatments I see truly significant results and have also received many compliments on how terrific I look. I have had two fotofacials in the past (one in a dermatologist’s office and one at a ‘medical spa’) and was not impressed at all. I think that the combination of the microderm along with the Obagi products–and my esthetician’s skills–are definitely making the difference for my skin. I want to thank everyone at Aya and I am so glad that I found you. Please let me know if you would like me to fill out a customer satasfaction survey–you would certainly get all A’s from me!”

– Susan Eckert

I Would Like to Thank Aya

I am not one that usually writes these types of letters, however, I felt compelled to do so after my experience with Aya earlier this week. I have had several fotofacials as well as other treatments at one of Buckhead’s leading dermatologists. This group of doctors are extremely well known and reputable throughout the entire southeast. I had always felt that I was in the best of care. I later decided to try a fotofacial with you because of the convenience as well as a friend’s recommendation. I just could not believe the difference in the service I received from Aya in comparison to these well known dermatologists. One could expect a more relaxing experience in a “spa” environment vs. a doctor’s office, but this was only an added plus and not my reason for writing. The fotofacial was done with extreme care, and I received at least three times the amount of “laser pulses” and with newer and more updated equipment. If only I had started with Aya, I would have been able to do less treatments with greater results. I would like to thank Aya for their sincere efforts to give their clients all the “extras” in order to produce the greatest results! Thank you!”


Wouldn’t Trust Anyone Else With My Face!

Wouldn’t trust anyone else with my face! I love ALL the ladies at AYA! They are knowledgeable and genuine – no snooty attitudes here! Katie Roland is my go-to Medical Esthetician, having treated my face for breakouts, discoloration and uneven skin tone. I even look good and feel confident without makeup for the first time in years. In fact, just this week I received a compliment on my skin (GASP!) from a Dermatologist I met with on business! Tracey, the Nurse Practitioner who focuses purely on injectibles, is very conservative and talented. She cured my hyper arching eyebrow and erased my fine forehead lines, without changing my expressions or freezing my face – very subtle! You may have to wait a bit to get an appointment with her, but she’s worth the wait (would you really want to see someone who can fit you in immediately???) – she’s in high demand for a reason. I love their product lines and never feel like I’m getting the “hard sell” after my treatments, which is very unusual and one reason I DO buy their products (Katie has earned my trust with my results!). Ask for Katie and Tracey by name!”

– E

Love Aya!

“Love Aya! Aya is the best med spa in Atlanta in my opinion. I have been going for years for Obagi skin treatments and just had my first Botox treatment last week- they are awesome and super informative when it comes to skincare – anti aging and preventative care. Highly recommend them.”

– M

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