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All About Laser Vein Removal at AYA Medical Spa

September 16, 2011 | Blog, Laser Vein Removal, Other

While the summer winds down and the weather cools off, showing off your legs may be the last thing on your mind.  However, visible veins in your legs or even in more obvious places like the face can be embarrassing and age you beyond your years.  Fortunately, laser vein removal from AYA Medical Spa’s trained and licensed providers can help treat unsightly veins that come with age or other skin conditions.

Spider veins appear as web-like networks of tiny purple or blue veins and are caused by a weakening in the blood vessel wall or abnormal blood flow. The veins in your body work to circulate the blood from your heart to distribute oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.  When the leg muscles contract, they help the blood move upward to the heart against the downward pull of gravity.  As the blood moves back up your legs, tiny valves close, preventing it from flowing back downward and gathering in the veins.  As we age, these valves work less efficiently which can result in visible veins.

Visible veins can also be caused by hormones and have been traced to an increase in estrogen, which is why many pregnant women experience an increase in the formation of spider veins while they’re expecting. In the facial area, skin conditions like rosacea are marked by an increase in visible veins around the nose, forehead, and cheeks.

Laser vein removal works to erase spider veins and other unwanted vessels by treating them at their source. AYA Medical Spa uses the eMax laser system with elos technology to treat the appearance of visible veins and other vascular lesions. The eMax system’s laser light targets the pigment of the unwanted vessel(s) allowing the immune system to absorb and treat the vein without damaging the surrounding tissue.

AYA Medical Spa’s laser vein removal treatments are performed by our expertly trained and licensed estheticians, so they are guaranteed to be safe and as comfortable as possible.

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