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AYA Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Spring Skin Care

May 12, 2011 | Blog, Other, Skin Care

Spring skincare tips from AYA medical spaQ.) Do I need to change my skincare routine when the weather changes?

Even if you haven’t noticed it before, your skin changes with the seasons. Each skin type reacts differently to environmental changes and calls for individualized changes to your skincare routine.  If you are unsure how your skin care routine should shift to benefit you most this season, schedule your skin analysis with one of our licensed estheticians.

Q.) What are the best cosmetic skin treatments for springtime skin rejuvenation?

Everything about spring screams renewal, so wouldn’t a skin renewal treatment be fitting? Since the risk of hyperpigmentation increases with sun exposure after laser treatment, some of our favorite spring treatments are microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Both skin treatments work to exfoliate the outer, damaged layers of skin the reveal the fresh skin beneath—perfect for spring rejuvenation! However, it’s important to remember to wear your sunscreen this spring and summer to protect your new skin.

Q.) I’ve always been afraid to visit a spa-like AYA because I have rosacea. Do other patients with rosacea have these fears?

You’re not alone. Anyone with rosacea can attest that having a treatment that’s supposed to “help” a skin condition that only makes it worse, is very frustrating. With the goal of a healthy skin experience in mind, our licensed estheticians are very knowledgeable about skin conditions like rosacea.  Before a cosmetic skin treatment, we offer a complimentary consultation, or skin analysis so that we are aware of any conditions or sensitivity before treatment. It also helps us determine a treatment plan based on your skin’s specific needs.

Q.) Are there any cosmetic services at AYA gentle enough for people with sensitive skin?

We often see patients with sensitive skin or a combination of skin types and conditions. Many of our treatments are safe for sensitive skin, but that can only be accurately determined during a skin analysis. We do offer customized facials and chemical peels that are tailored to skin type to meet a patient’s specific skin conditions. Patients with sensitive skin love our customized peels and facials.

Visit our website for more information about the cosmetic skin treatments available at AYA Medical Spa’s three convenient locations: AYA Phipps Plaza, AYA Northside, or AYA Avalon (Alpharetta).  Make sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter for the latest skin care specials.