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AYA Spotlight Treatment of the Month: Dermaplaning

February 02, 2019 | Blog

What's New at AYA Avalon Dermaplaning Dermafacial TreatmentsWelcome back to our recurring Spotlight Treatment of the Month series, where we highlight one of the award-winning cosmetic treatments available at AYA Medical Spa. This month, we wanted to focus on dermaplaning and the fantastic benefits this treatment can help provide our patients. No matter what causes it, unwanted facial hair (or “peach fuzz”) can be incredibly frustrating and nearly impossible to completely remove. Dermaplaning can help provide the smooth, clear facial skin that women desire without the hassle of closely shaving your face. Keep reading for more information on what makes dermaplaning treatments at AYA so in-demand.

How do Dermaplaning treatments at AYA work?

Dermaplaning treatments work by using a special tool to gently shave the surface of the skin. During the treatment, top layer of dead skin along with fine facial hairs known as vellus hair are removed. Serving as a form of natural exfoliation, dermaplaning is able to stimulate healthy cell regeneration in the facial skin, leading to an improvement of imperfections like acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and more.

What can I expect after my initial Dermaplaning treatment?

One of the most popular aspects of dermaplaning treatments at AYA is that the treatment is virtually pain-free and requires no downtime for recovery. Patients can expect to notice smoother, glowing skin immediately after their treatment has completed. In order to maintain the best-possible results over time, we do recommend coming back for monthly dermaplaning appointments and moisturizing daily to help promote smooth, healthy skin between your treatments.

What makes a Dermaplaning treatment at AYA so special?

In order to help our patients get the most they can out of their dermaplaning experience, we offer our exclusive dermafacial treatment. A dermafacial at AYA combines dermaplaning with one of our signature custom-blend facials to provide even more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Undergoing a dermafacial can be an excellent way to fight off visible signs of facial aging, improve your overall complexion, and promote radiant, healthy skin.

We hope you found this helpful. Dermaplaning and the dermafacial at AYA can be perfect for anyone who experiences excessive, unwanted facial hair. To help getter a better idea of how these treatments can help you, we recommend coming into one of our locations for a complimentary skin care analysis appointment. For more information, please contact AYA Medical Spa today. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more skin care tips, photos, news, and updates.