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Dear #AYA: How Can I Treat My Scar?

April 01, 2019 | Blog

Dear #AYA How Can I Treat My ScarSkin is delicate. Any minor burn, injury, or trauma can cause damage. The body’s natural reaction is to repair this damage. However, the method your body utilizes to repair skin damage depends on how deeply the injury penetrates your skin.

In the case of minor nicks or cuts that only damage the top layer of the skin, healthy new skin will form over the wound once it has healed. For damage that goes deeper than the first layer of skin, the body creates tissue that is thicker than your skin. This thick tissue often becomes a scar.

Some scars are minor, small, or occur in locations that are easier to conceal. Others are more unpleasant to look at, larger, and may be located in more obvious, harder-to-hide places. That’s why we perform a variety of scar revision treatments here at AYA Medical Spa. While some scars may never completely go away, cosmetic scar treatments can make a massive difference for people who have more visible scarring. Check out the following questions and answers on some of the most in-demand scar treatments we perform at AYA.

Question #1: What would you recommend for patients who experience significant acne scarring?

Acne scarring can be frustrating for many people. Since it often occurs on a person’s face, the effects of acne scarring can take a serious toll on someone’s self-confidence. But there are solutions. We typically recommend SkinPen® Microneedling for patients who experience significant acne scarring. SkinPen® Microneedling, the first FDA-approved microneedling device, works by stimulating the body’s natural healing capabilities to produce new collagen that helps achieve clearer, smoother skin.

Question #2: I have a scar that is not thick or scaly, but its white color makes it stick out from the rest of my complexion. Is there a way to alter the color of this area?

For patients with white scars that are at least one year old, scar camouflaging with tattoo procedure makeup can often be an outstanding solution. We begin the process by finding a tattoo ink that matches the patient’s natural skin tone. We then carefully use the custom cosmetic tattooing pigment to cover the area of the scar to hide the scar and create a more balanced skin tone.

Question #3: What is the best cosmetic laser treatment for patients interested in scar revision?

Choosing the right laser treatment depends on the patient’s skin, their needs and preferences, and the results they hope to achieve through their treatment. Both Sciton® MicroLaserPeel and Sciton® BroadBand Light can be highly effective for treating scars as well as other common aesthetic imperfections like wrinkles, sun damage, and more.

Every scar is different. As is every patient’s skin. That’s why we take the time with all prospective scar revision patients during our complimentary skin analysis appointments to fully examine the existing scar and determine the best treatment plan possible. For more information on scar revision treatments, contact AYA Medical Spa today. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for even more cosmetic tips, news, and updates.