Dear #AYA: Improving your Appearance with PDO Threads

Welcome to another installment in our Dear #AYA series. This month, instead of discussing a developing skin care trend, we thought it would be nice to focus specifically on one of our most exciting cosmetic treatments, PDO Threads. Although this service may seem new or unfamiliar to some patients, thread lifting has been around for decades. PDO Threads uses temporary, absorbable sutures to help provide an outstanding lifting effect to the skin without the need for surgery. To help give our patients a better idea of how this amazing treatment can be used to rejuvenate their look, the licensed skincare professionals at AYA™ Medical Spa are happy to answer a few questions we have received from patients about PDO Threads.

Dear #AYA Improving your Appearance with PDO Threads

Dear #AYA,

What are the advantages of using PDO Threads instead of undergoing face lift surgery?



Just Curious


Dear Just Curious,

While it’s true that PDO Threads are commonly referred to as a “non-surgical face lift”, this treatment provides some unique advantages when compared to its surgical counterpart.  PDO Threads can provide lifting and tightening to areas on the face and all over the body including above the knees and on the stomach, arms, and buttocks. Unlike surgery, PDO Threads Non-Surgical Thread Lift require no downtime for recovery and leave no visual scarring.


Dear #AYA,

Is PDO threads the same or different than the original thread lift technology from the 90’s?



Doing my Research


Dear Doing my Research,

It’s true that thread lifting has been around since the late 1990’s, but the process and materials involved have changed considerably since then. Originally, thread lifts were performed with barbed sutures that were used to lift the brows and cheeks. These sutures restricted how the skin could be lifted. Additionally, they could not be absorbed by the body, making any further treatments difficult. PDO Threads use safe, absorbable sutures to help stimulate collagen and refresh the appearance of sagging, aging skin.


Dear #AYA,

I am having trouble deciding between starting PDO Threads treatments or a new facial filler regimen. Which treatment would you recommend personally?



Can’t Decide


Dear Can’t Decide,

While the answer to your question may depend on the specific aesthetic results that you desire, the truth is that you don’t have to choose between PDO Threads and facial fillers. These treatments are often combined for patients who wish to achieve more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Combining treatments can dramatically improve the quality and longevity of your results.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question this month. If you have a skin care question of your own, you can always contact AYA™ Medical Spa. However, if you prefer a more hands-on approach to your skin care, we offer complimentary skin care analysis appointments at all three of our Alpharetta or Atlanta area locations (Avalon, Phipps Plaza, Northside). Our skin care experts will work with you to help find the right mix of cosmetic services and skin care products for your complexion. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ for more skin care tips, news, and more.