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Debunking Common Myths about Chemical Peels

June 07, 2013 | Blog, Chemical Peels, Other, Skin Care

Chemical peels are among the most popular facial rejuvenation treatments to address skin conditions ranging from wrinkles to acne or sunspots. At AYA Medical Spa Phipps Plaza, Northside, and Avalon in Alpharetta, we offer a variety of medical grade chemical peels that can be customized to each patient’s unique skin type and condition. Chemical solutions are applied to patients’ skin to exfoliate dead skin cells and encourage collagen regrowth to reveal healthy, glowing skin underneath. While this procedure requires minimal downtime and can resolve numerous skin conditions, many patients are still concerned about its effectiveness and treatment method. The licensed providers of AYA would like to answer common myths they often hear from patients.

MYTH: Home chemical peel kits are just as effective as ones performed at doctors’ offices

FACT: Local pharmacies and online vendors may sell chemical peel products, but at-home kits may not be as safe and could cause further skin damage. Chemical peels should be performed by licensed and trained medical professionals who have extensive experience working with chemical peels and can provide a peel to fit your skin type.

MYTH: Chemical peels are painful and cause the appearance of burns

FACT: While some patients experience discomfort during the procedure, the licensed providers of AYA use a cooler to reduce discomfort. Following the procedure, some patients experience a flush similar to sunburn. Patients with sensitive skin may experience temporary swelling, but a few days after treatment, the treated skin will begin to peel and reveal clear skin. AYA also offers skin care products for aftercare and to prolong results.

MYTH: Chemicals can be harmful and shouldn’t be used to treat the face

FACT: The word “chemical” may sound intimidating to some, but most chemicals and acids used in peels are safe and natural. Some of the acids used in AYA’s peels such as alphahydroxy acid (AHA), trichloroatic acid (TCA), phenol acid, and retinoic acid are safe and proven to help cells grow and develop. Most solutions are naturally found in plants and the human body, and your licensed provider can create a customized peel to fit your skin.

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