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Frequently Asked Questions about Tattoo Procedure Make up Cosmetics

October 14, 2011 | Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Blog, Other, Permanent Makeup

Q.) Who benefits from permanent makeup
A.) A variety of individuals can benefit from permanent makeup, including people who are allergic to traditional makeup, no longer wish to apply makeup every day, want to conceal white scars that are at least one year old, or have insufficient eyebrows. Breast cancer patients who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery may also benefit from areola pigmentation, a type of permanent makeup application to restore the appearance of the breasts.

Q.) Where are cosmetic tattoos applied?
A.) To look like makeup, cosmetic tattoos are applied around the eyes (eyeliner), to the eyebrows (eyebrow shading), around the lips (lip liner), or to the lips (lipstick). During scar camouflage cosmetic tattooing, permanent makeup is applied over a white scar that’s at least a year old in order to conceal it. Permanent makeup may also be applied to the breast with areola pigmentation after breast reconstruction surgery to restore the appearance of natural-looking breasts.

Q.) Do I get to choose the color used in cosmetic tattoos?
A.) Yes. Prior to your permanent makeup application, you will meet with our dermagraphics specialist to discuss color options. During this time, she will evaluate your skin tone and discuss your goals and desires. Darker colors like blacks and charcoals are typically used around the eyes, but your natural undertones will determine the exact shade used. It’s important to note that permanent makeup color will appear darker right after your treatment and will fade 20-30% during healing.

Q.) Does cosmetic tattooing hurt? How do I take care of the areas treated?
A.) Fifteen to twenty minutes before your permanent makeup is applied, a primary numbing compound will be applied and a secondary numbing gel is used during treatment. Thanks to the fact we are owned and operated by Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C., we are able to provide the most effective medical numbing compounds available, so your application shouldn’t hurt. After your permanent makeup is applied, you will need to apply a small amount of ointment to the treated area for two or three days to soothe the area and prevent infection. If the color fades too much during the healing process, a patient may schedule a perfecting appointment (follow-up) to add color.

Q.) Does AYA offer any services that compliment permanent makeup application?
A.) Many of AYA’s skincare services would compliment permanent makeup since they focus on rejuvenating the skin. However, patients with insufficient eyelashes who’ve had permanent makeup performed love Latisse®. It’s like permanent makeup for the lashes because it helps them grow longer, darker, and thicker.