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June 30, 2013 | News

You won’t find Vichy showers, plunge pools, massage tables, or steam rooms, at AYA. “All our treatments are results oriented,” says Jessica Chaney, manager of AYA, A Healthy Skin Experience.”There’s no fluff here.”

AYA, founded seven years ago by Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C., offers medical-caliber skin care treatments in a calm, soothing atmosphere. Services include FotoFacial RF, microdermabrasion, laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction, vein treatments, facials and treatment for adult acne. Skin care consultations are complimentary and offered by a professional staff of licensed estheticians. The spa’s founder and executive director, Dr. James D. Namnoum, conceived AYA (the Japanese word for “silk”) as an added service for plastic surgery patients. According to Namuoum, baby boomers are healthier than preceding generations and have taken better care of themselves inside, so they want to look better outside too. Each new product and treatment at AYA is stringently tested for effectiveness. If the results are not ideal, the product or service is not offered. At AYA, there is no cookie-cuter approach to beautiful skin. Estheticians use skillful analysis to determine the precise, tailored approach appropriate for each patient. One of the latest diagnostic techniques, the Faragham Camera System, helps estheticians analyze the skin and make exacting recommendations for treatment, based on individual skin conditions.This system also allows AYA to track the patient’s progress as fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, and uneven pigmentation fade away.

HAVING IT ALL – One of the spa’s most popular treatments is FotoFacial RF, a process that uses radio frequency and optical light to reduce wrinkles and pore size. FotoFacial RF is effective for rosacea, age spots, sun damage and wrinkles. All improve an average of 50 to 75 percent. “The program makes a dramatic difference,” says Chaney.These in-office treatments take about 30 minutes, as pulses of healing visible light and radiofrequency energy are passed into the skin. Patients see the desired results after only five or six treatments. FotoFirm RF combines FotoFacial RF with Polaris Wrinkle Reduction is recommended for patients who want all-in-one skin rejuvenation that targets broken capillaries, sun damage, uneven texture and wrinkles.

PRETTY PARTY – One evening a month, surgeons from Atlanta Plastic Surgery offer Botox Cosmetic and filler injections like Restylane at AYA’s Phipps Plaza location. “It’s like a Botox party,” says Chaney.”People can come after work and then go straight home. By morning, the redness has disappeared.” Dr. Namnoum is in full support of the swift increase in minimally-invasive procedures during the last several years.”We often advise patients to put off surgical procedures and begin with skin care,” he says.”At Atlanta Plastic Surgery, we’re not interested in doing surgeries that are unnecessary. If it’s not helpful, there’s no point in doing it,” states the doctor.