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How to Remove Excess Fat from Different Areas of the Body

May 14, 2019 | Blog

How to Remove Excess Fat from Different Areas of the BodyWith summer approaching, it’s no wonder so many of us are thinking about our bodies and how to look our very best for those trips to the beach and pool. However, stubborn patches of excess fat can become a major nuisance this time of year, even for people committed to eating right and exercising regularly.

Non-surgical fat removal can help, but which treatments are the best for shedding this diet-resistant fat? The cosmetic professionals at AYA Medical Spa have the answer!

Due to its outstanding reputation and high success rate, CoolSculpting® Non-Surgical Fat Reduction is consistently among the most in-demand cosmetic treatments on the market today. CoolSculpting®, an FDA-approved fat reduction treatment, uses a process called cryolipolysis to break down and destroy fat cells. The cold temperatures used during CoolSculpting® treatments are able to treat excess fat without damaging the skin or any underlying tissue.

One of the many great things about CoolSculpting® is how versatile it can be for treating fat in areas all over the body. Here at AYA, we have years of experience using CoolSculpting® to help patients shed unwanted fat from the abdomen, back, arms, legs, flanks (love handles), buttocks, neck, and more. We also offer different options for CoolSculpting® treatments including the CoolAdvantage Applicator System to help each patient customize their treatment for their specific needs.

For anyone concerned about fat around their face and neck that causes the appearance of a double chin, we typically recommend Kybella® Fat Reduction. Kybella® is intended to specifically target the submental fat associated with a double chin. The treatment utilizes injections that are made directly into the fat under the chin to destroy localized fat cells and prevent them from being able to accumulate more fat. The result is a thinner, shapelier neck and the disappearance of the double chin once and for all.

Don’t let stubborn, excess fat ruin your fun in the sun this summer. We recommend coming into AYA for a complimentary consultation with our cosmetic experts to see how our fat reduction treatments can help you look and feel your very best all summer long and beyond. For more information, contact AYA Medical Spa or visit one of our locations (including our brand new Dallas, Texas location). Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for additional skincare tips, news, and more.