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I Would Like to Thank Aya

September 18, 2012 | Testimonials

“I am not one that usually writes these types of letters, however, I felt compelled to do so after my experience with Aya earlier this week. I have had several fotofacials as well as other treatments at one of Buckhead’s leading dermatologists. This group of doctors are extremely well known and reputable throughout the entire southeast. I had always felt that I was in the best of care. I later decided to try a fotofacial with you because of the convenience as well as a friend’s recommendation. I just could not believe the difference in the service I received from Aya in comparison to these well known dermatologists. One could expect a more relaxing experience in a “spa” environment vs. a doctor’s office, but this was only an added plus and not my reason for writing. The fotofacial was done with extreme care, and I received at least three times the amount of “laser pulses” and with newer and more updated equipment. If only I had started with Aya, I would have been able to do less treatments with greater results. I would like to thank Aya for their sincere efforts to give their clients all the “extras” in order to produce the greatest results! Thank you!”


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