Lash-out: AYA Medical Spa Offers Latisse Eyelash Treatment

Latisse Eyelash Treatment Available at AYA in Atlanta, GAThe eyelashes were meant to protect from debris entering and injuring the eye.  They also serve the cosmetic function of balancing visual proportion between the main facial features: eyes, lips, and nose.  We often discuss facial fillers and injectables for facial rejuvenation: Botox® to fill in wrinkles around eyes and Juvéderm® to plump the lips, but you may not know that we offer several eyelash enhancement options too.

After a thorough skin analysis, AYA Medical Spa’s licensed estheticians may recommend a change in your skin care products depending on the condition of your existing eyelashes, using a topical treatment like Latisse®, or tinting your natural lashes with pigment.

Latisse® is an FDA-approved eyelash treatment that works to lengthen the anagen phase (growth phase) of the hair cycle to yield longer, darker eyelashes.  Latisse® results also show that with extended use (typically 16 weeks of treatment) your body actually produces more eyelashes per hair growth cycle.

Just as you can develop hair loss on your head from environmental or physical stress, eyelashes can also be adversely affected.  During your consultation, your AYA esthetician may recommend switching to a more mild facial cleanser, natural makeup, or changing your make up removal routine to prevent excessive lash loss.

If you have a sufficient number of eyelashes, but are unsatisfied with their appearance, simple cosmetic treatments like Tattoo Procedure Makeup, to accentuate the eyes (i.e.-tattooed eyeliner or eyebrows) or eyelash tinting to add pigment, can make them more visible.  To learn more about the cosmetic skin treatments available at AYA Medical Spa visit our website and continue to read our blog.  Don’t forget to regularly visit the AYA specials page for monthly savings on treatments like Latisse®, Juvéderm® and Sculptra®.