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Looking for Longer-Lasting Makeup? Try Tattoo Procedure Makeup from AYA

August 23, 2011 | Blog, Other, Permanent Makeup

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend putting on makeup in the morning?  Even if you’re pretty quick and can apply your makeup in 5 minutes every day, that’s 1825 minutes (just under 31 hours!) a year, and that’s not including those times you “freshen-up” your makeup throughout the day.  Now, you can get away from the monotony of your morning routine with the application of Tattoo Procedure Makeup at AYA Medical Spa. Our skilled Tattoo Procedure Makeup technician applies cosmetic tattoos by injecting pigments into the upper layers of the skin in areas such as the eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

In addition to convenience, Tattoo Procedure Makeup provides a perfect option for patients who are allergic to ingredients within traditional cosmetics.  Imagine not having to worry about that itchy makeup running off of your watery eyes anymore! Anyone looking to add pigment or accent their facial features makes a good candidate for Tattoo Procedure Makeup.  Cosmetic tattoos can be applied around the eyes to look like eyeliner, around the lips to look like lip liner, to add color and shape to the brows, and to add color to the lips as Tattoo Procedure lipstick.  However, there are also medical uses for Tattoo Procedure makeup.

Scars can be embarrassing and difficult to hide, but Tattoo Procedure Makeup can sometimes be used to conceal scars.  Patients with white scars that are at least a year old may benefit from scar camouflage with Tattoo Procedure Makeup.  Depending on the scar, some of our other services like laser treatments or skin care products may work better to conceal it.  AYA also offers areola pigmentation Tattoo Procedure Makeup services within Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C.’s office for breast cancer patients to complete the breast reconstruction process.

Since so many patients have recreational tattoos and are used to a larger, more complexly designed treatment area, they’re often concerned that a cosmetic tattoo will hurt badly in sensitive areas like around the eyes. However, since AYA is owned and operated through Atlanta Plastic Surgery, P.C., we are able to offer the best, strongest medical numbing compounds that are administered fifteen to twenty minutes prior to the procedure. Additionally, a secondary numbing gel is used during the actual procedure.

During a pre-treatment consultation, a Tattoo Procedure Makeup patient meets with a trained technician to discuss color options. While we often stick to blacks and charcoals for around the eyes, we use the patient’s own warm and cool undertones so that the colors of cosmetic tattoos complement their natural skin tone. Some patients may wish to return for a follow-up or perfecting appointment, as cosmetic tattoos will lighten 20-30% during the healing process. Ointment will need to be applied to the treatment area for two or three days after the procedure, and the sun and chlorine should be avoided during this time.

Dedicated to providing a healthy skin experience, we also offer many other services and skin care products to complement Tattoo Procedure Makeup. Latisse® eyelash treatment is FDA approved to help inadequate lashes grow fuller, longer, and darker and looks great with Tattoo Procedure eyeliner. Aside from cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, we also offer brow artistry services to add definition and shape to the eyebrows. Many Tattoo Procedure Makeup patients seek services that enhance the appearance of facial skin like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or one of our customized facials to reduce sun damage, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation so that they are able to apply even less makeup on a daily basis. For more information on the services we offer, schedule a skin analysis today to speak with one of our licensed estheticians or review our website. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for skin care news and updates.