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New AYA Treatment for 2016: Kybella® Fat Reduction for the Double Chin

January 29, 2016 | Blog

New AYA<sup>™</sup> Treatment for 2016 <a href=Kybella Fat Reduction for the Double Chin" width="300" height="300" />According to a recent study shared by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS), 68% of people polled shared being bothered by their double chin (also referred to as submental fullness).  To help our Atlanta skincare patients, AYA Medical Spa is proud to offer its newest treatment for 2016: FDA-approved Kybella® – the nonsurgical fat reduction treatment for the double chin. There may not be one specific rhyme or reason why double chins seemingly show up overnight, but age, genetics, and weight gain are all possible causes that can contribute to a facial feature many of us would rather be without. Aside from facial plastic surgery and mastering your selfie with the use of filters and lighting tricks, non-surgical removal of a double chin has not been easy for many of us; until now that is!

No matter how religious you are in eating right and exercising, it just may not be able to do the trick when it comes to reducing the fat that makes up a double chin. Kybella® is the latest nonsurgical cosmetic injectable to hit the skincare market and we wanted to share some of the key benefits of this revolutionary treatment:

We felt like Kybella® was a great addition to our skincare treatments because it gives patients an opportunity to get younger-looking contours and a slimmer chin profile without having to go under the knife. Our patients have already had positive successes with CoolSculpting® nonsurgical fat reduction treatments and ironically enough would often say they’d love the same option for the face. To us, Kybella® seemed like the perfect treatment to compliment CoolSculpting® when we first heard of what it could really do for our patients and we hope you all think so too. If you’re ready to kiss your double chin goodbye and are interested in trying Kybella for yourself, contact AYA Medical Spa today to set up your complimentary skin analysis. Follow the AYA team on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ for the latest skincare updates and news around our office!