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Replacing Razors with Lasers: AYA Medical Spa Discusses Laser Hair Removal Treatment

January 17, 2011 | Blog, Laser Hair Removal, Other, Skin Care

Most people have some embarrassing, unwanted hair.  Temporary methods of removal, while they do provide more instant gratification, can become frustrating and expensive over time.  AYA Medical Spa offers laser hair removal to efficiently rid patients of unwanted body hair.

Because hair growth is a cyclical process: rotating between a growing and resting phase, several medical grade laser treatments are needed to treat each hair during its growing phase.  AYA Medical Spa’s trained laser hair removal specialists suggest spacing treatments six weeks apart to ensure complete hair removal. For most patients, complete removal can be accomplished with four to eight laser hair removal treatments.

In addition to an adequate number of laser treatments, following proper aftercare instructions is necessary to yield optimal hair removal results.  Among these instructions is avoiding sun exposure for several weeks before and after hair removal treatments:  making winter an ideal time for this cosmetic skin procedure.  In fact, our licensed estheticians recommend avoiding sun exposure after any laser procedure, so keep that in mind this winter as you consider other laser procedures.
AYA Medical Spa offers laser hair removal anywhere you have unwanted hair, but most commonly people remove unwanted hair from their arms, legs, face, back, underarms, chest, and bikini area. For more information on laser hair removal at AYA, or other services we provide, visit our website. Stay tuned for next week’s blog on the medical grade lasers we use for laser hair removal.