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Replenish Your Skin with AYA Medical Spa’s Customized Facials

October 14, 2014 | Blog, Facial Rejuvenation, Other, Skin Care

With the holiday season creeping up on the calendar, it’s often difficult to find time to pamper yourself, especially your skin. At AYA Medical Spa,
we provide a variety of customized facials that are not only therapeutic for their relaxing qualities, but also beneficial for your complexion. Prior to your treatment, we will perform a thorough skin analysis to determine which combination of our skincare products and steps are best for your skin. Ranging from anti-aging to moisturizing facials and even acne facials, our facials can be tailored to all skin types and conditions.

Anti-Aging Facial
Our anti-aging facial helps to refresh dull, weathered skin due to the slowed production of oils and collagen that come with age. Often, a fruit enzyme based cranberry or pumpkin buffing cream are used to slough the superfluous cells from the skin’s surface. Additionally, our anti-aging facial includes a consultation with one of our licensed estheticians to determine if your skincare regimen needs to be improved or if a more extensive facial rejuvenation treatment such as Sciton® BBL is needed in order to obtain your cosmetic goals.

Moisturizing Facial
This facial helps immediately replenish moisture to dry, dull skin through the use of specific compounds and creams. After a skin analysis is performed to determine which facial is the best fit, one of our estheticians will exfoliate the dead skin that often causes skin to lose its luster and appear less vibrant and dry. After buildup has been removed from pores, a moisturizing mask designed for your skin type is applied to help replenish moisture and encourage the face to produce moisture on its own.

Acne Facial
Acne can be attributed to a variety of reasons including hormones, reactions to medications, even the use of oily or greasy hair products. Additionally, acne is not caused by dirty skin, but a combination of factors like skin’s oil production and dead skin cells. In order to see positive results, our licensed estheticians will typically perform a MicroFacial which includes elements of the acne facial procedure combined with microdermabrasion. The combination of the two treatments helps to clear clogged pores while resurfacing the skin to tighten pores and refine the skin’s texture to help treat the signs of acne.

For more information on our facials or other facial rejuvenation treatments, contact us today to schedule your appointment. Be sure to connect with AYA Medical Spa on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest to stay up-to-date with skincare specials and news.