Acne Treatments

Performed at our Northside (Atlanta, GA), Avalon (Alpharetta, GA), & Phipps Plaza locations.

atlanta acne Treatments

Acne can be an embarrassing skin condition whether you’re a teenager or an older adult. It strikes for many reasons including hormones, reactions to medications, even the use of oily or greasy hair products. While acne is not caused by dirty skin, but a combination of factors (like skin’s oil production and dead skin cells), it can still cause a drop in self-confidence.

Acne Treatments with Chemical Peels

Another effective acne treatment is one of AYA™’s custom chemical peels. While many people reserve chemical peels for anti-aging treatments, certain options can also help treat the pimples and inflammation associated with acne. The ReVitalize Peel uses alphahydroxy acid to gently improve the complexion and skin texture. Our custom chemical peels at AYA™ Medical Spa allow out expertly trained and licensed providers to determine which solutions will best suit your skin type.

Skin Care Products Designed for Acne

We encourage all acne suffers to contact us to schedule one of our skin analysis sessions. Our providers can direct you toward one of our skincare products created especially to help restore the balance missing from acne-prone skin.

FAQs about Laser Acne Treatments

How often will I need to receive laser acne treatments?
Each person’s skin condition differs, which means that the frequency of treatments will vary based on your individual situation. We typically begin performing treatments two times a week for four to six weeks. After the initial treatments take effect, treatments can be spaced further apart.