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Radiesse® Volumizing Filler

Performed at our Northside (Atlanta, GA), Avalon (Alpharetta, GA) & Phipps Plaza locations.

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Radiesse® treatment at Atlanta’s AYA Medical Spa can be used to replump lost soft tissue volume of the temples, cheeks, and areas around the nose and mouth. Unlike dermal injectables like Botox®, which relax wrinkle causing muscles, Radiesse® uses a calcium-based sub-structure to recompose the supple, soft  appearance of youth facial tissue. Additionally, Radiesse® boosts the body’s ability to produce collagen to increase skin’s elasticity and decrease the appearance of facial wrinkles.

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*Before and After Radiesse® treatment. Treatment results will vary from person to person.

RADIESSE® Volumizing Filler provides long-lasting and natural results by immediately restoring lost volume. It’s ideal for correcting the following facial areas:

  • Smile lines, also called nasolabial folds, which run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Marionette lines†, which begin at the corners of the mouth and extend down toward the chin
  • Corners of the mouth† can begin to turn downward, giving the look of a constant frown
  • Pre-jowls† that form along the jaw-line
  • Chin wrinkles†

Radiesse® Treatment FAQs

What areas can Radiesse® treat?
Because the components of Radiesse® are naturally occurring in the body, there are fewer restrictions with treatment areas. Most Radiesse® patients receive the treatment to rejuvenate the appearance of their cheeks and the areas around the nose and mouth; however, Radiesse® can also systematically rejuvenate the appearance of one’s hands.

Is Radiesse® different from Sculptra® Aesthetic?
Like Radiesse®, Sculptra® Aesthetic is also used to re-plump areas of lost volume; however, Sculptra® Aesthetic uses polylactic acid to incite collagen production instead of calcium-based ingredients.

radiesse atlanta ga

*Before and After Radiesse® treatment. Treatment results will vary from person to person.

How many Radiesse® treatments will I need before I notice results?
The gel consistency of Radiesse® will provide immediate improvement in the appearance of facial depressions. There must be a certain amount of Radiesse® injected before the body begins to produce more collagen on its own; therefore, a few treatments (spaced several months apart) are first needed to produce Radiesse®’s long-lasting rejuvenation effects.

What Should I Expect During My Treatment?

Radiesse® facial filling treatments are performed in one quick in-office treatment at AYA Medical Spa in Atlanta.  With a few quick injections, completed typically in 30 minutes or less, patients can expect to immediately notice more plump, youthful looking skin.  Per the patient’s request, AYA Medical Spa’s licensed nurse injectors can also perform the treatment using an FDA approved lidocaine (a local anesthetic) enhanced version of the product to increase patient comfort.  Most Radiesse® patients are able to return immediately to their regular activities with little to no downtime.

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