Sculptra® Aesthetic for the Face & Chest

Performed at our Northside (Atlanta, GA), Avalon (Alpharetta, GA), & Phipps Plaza locations.
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AYA™ Medical Spa’s nurse injector uses Sculptra® Aesthetic in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA to restore lost volume and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Using the power of poly-L-lactic (fruit) acid, Sculptra® Aesthetic stimulates the body’s own ability to produce collagen and prevent the formation of wrinkles that accumulate on the face and chest. Sculptra® Aesthetic restores volume and fullness of deep wrinkles and folds by working within the deep dermis to strengthen the skin’s structure and gradually correct wrinkles.

An initial series of Sculptra® Aesthetic treatments, spaced six to eight weeks apart, are recommended to jump-start your body’s ability to increase skin elasticity. Most Sculptra® Aesthetic patients report noticeable results with firmer, less wrinkled, younger-looking skin for up to two years following treatment.

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*Before and After Sculpta® Aesthetic treatment. Treatment results will vary from person to person.


Sculptra® Aesthetic Treatment FAQs

What areas can be treated with Sculptra® Aesthetic?
Sculptra® Aesthetic can be used to gradually treat existing and future deep wrinkles on the temples, cheeks, chin and chest.

How long does Sculptra® treatment take?
We set aside an hour for each Sculptra® Aesthetic treatment as it takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. A Sculptra® Aesthetic regimen consisting of a series of 3 treatments repeated every six to eight weeks is first recommended. After the initial series, Sculptra® Aesthetic results can be seen for up to two years.

Is there any downtime associated with Sculptra® treatment?
No, there is no significant downtime associated with dermal filler treatments like Sculptra® Aesthetic. Some patients do report minor redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection site but are able to return to their normal activities immediately following treatment.


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