IS Clinical® By Innovative Skincare

IS Clinical® By Innovative Skincare

IS CLINICAL is the exclusive clinical skincare brand by Innovative Skincare; which includes exceptional, long-term “results oriented” anti-aging and optimizing skincare formulations. By developing and utilizing cutting-edge research technology, Innovative Skincare doctors and scientists precisely design and create products that conclusively deliver rapid and safe, long-term positive results. The distinctive IS Clinical “active” products are intended to encourage the skin to restorative health by promoting and accelerating the natural processes of exfoliation, circulation, and cellular regeneration. IS Clinical formulas are comprised of only the purest, most efficacious ingredients, sourced from throughout the world; all of which have been clinically tested for both safety and superior capabilities. Innovative Skincare scientists and formulators personally develop and oversee production of their unique and innovative formulations; thus insuring optimum product integrity, and confidentiality.

Youth Complex

YOUTH COMPLEX is the first anti-wrinkle formulation to offer immediate, intermediate and long-term improvements in aging skin. This breakthrough anti-wrinkle formula is a unique blend of potent antioxidants, innovative natural hydrators and our exclusive iNNOVASE. Scientifically created by the leading pharmacologists, physicians and experts at INNOVATIVE SKINCARE, the new biotechnology iNNOVASE addresses targeted aging phenomena with clinical precision. YOUTH COMPLEX is designed to provide rapid initial hydration for ?plumping? fine lines and wrinkles, promote controlled exfoliation and stimulate the production of key support structures such as collagen and elastin.

SPF 20 Moisturizing Treatment Sunscreen Cream (Available in Tinted & Non-Tinted)

Formulated using the latest nano-encapsulation technology, IS moisturizing treatment sunscreen gives you complete protection while repairing the damage caused by UV exposure. The combination of a physical shield (Microfine Zinc Oxide) a nano-encapsulated chemical shield (Octinoxate) with powerful antioxidants (Centella Asiatica, Olive Leaf Extract, Aloe Vera, and pure Vitamin E) makes way for revitalizing properties clinically proven to reduce redness (erythema) and decrease inflammation associated with UV damage. The micro-encapsulation of the Octinoxate produces superior sunscreen efficacy that lays on the surface of the skin with minimal absorbtion into the skin, yielding a sunscreen that is truly active, yet wise environmental protection.

SPF 20 Sunscreen Powder (Available in Tinted & Non-Tinted)

IS Sunscreen Powder features a micronized transparent Titanium Oxide and Microfine Zinc Oxide as a natural daily wear mineral powder, conveniently packaged in a retractable brush for easy reapplication throughout the day without the pale look associated with most forms of Titanium Oxide. Excellent for even the most sensitive skin and safe for all ages and skin types, the translucent Sunscreen Powder is excellent for post-procedure (light skin peels, microdermabrasion, etc.). A tinted version of the SPF 20 Sunscreen Powder gives the face a healthy tan glow immediately upon application. The tinted mineral blend is excellent for all skin types and ethnicities, blending easily with any natural skin tone while providing the same level of protection as the translucent formula.

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