Facial Vein Removal

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Veins are an important component of the circulatory system; however, visible veins can be a telltale sign of age. Visible veins on the face can be unsightly and a common cosmetic concern. On the face, visible veins most often appear as red lines around the nose, mouth, and cheeks. At AYA™, laser treatments are available to safely and effectively remove visible veins with minimal downtime and long-lasting results.

Laser Vein Removal Treatments

For facial veins, laser vein removal is available with our Sciton® Broadband Light™ laser. Laser vein removal can be used for the face as lasers can directly target delicate facial vascular veins. The majority of patients experience little to no side effects and few report temporary redness at the treatment site. Laser vein treatments require no downtime. The Sciton® Broadband Light™ laser emits heat energy that is absorbed in hemoglobin and blood, which causes the visible vein to collapse and fade.


VascuTouch™ provides a quick and effective method for removing vascular lesions such as broken capillaries and veins found on the face and cherry angiomas, sunspots, skin tags, or other skin imperfections. This treatment provides comparable results as traditional laser treatments, without scarring, bruising, or skin discoloration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vein Removal

What causes visible veins?
Visible veins on the face are the result of a weakened blood vessel. After oxygenated blood is pushed from the heart throughout the body, the muscles help return the blood back to the heart again. Visible veins in the face (or telangiectasias) are can be a sign of age or a symptom of another skin condition like rosacea.

How many vein removal treatments should I receive for full results? And how often do I need to receive treatments?
Each patient’s situation is different. You’ll need to speak with one of AYA Medical Spa’s trained and licensed providers about your cosmetic goals during a consultation. Most patients see full results in as little as 1 to 3 treatments, with each session 6 to 8 weeks apart. However, patients with more complex or concentrated visible veins may require more treatments.

Are vein removal treatments permanent?
Laser vein treatments are able to treat visible veins, but they do does not prevent new veins from forming in the future. Other areas may begin to show vein visibility with age, so further treatments may be necessary to address new veins.

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