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The #AYAGirls Dish on Skincare

September 21, 2015 | Blog

Other Skin Care Products available at AYAWhen AYA Medical Spa first opened in 2003, we knew we had one thing we wanted to achieve: to provide Atlanta-area men and women with a healthy skin experience.
What this means is that we strive to help patients treat their biggest skincare concerns in a hygienic, safe and effective way.  To get the best results, it takes a knowledgeable staff; one that has a genuine interest in the skin, how it works and how to help it look and feel its best.  That’s where the #AYAGirls come in!

Each of us has a skincare specialty so we can give patients access to a wide range of treatments and expertise.  Some of us are licensed to help patients reduce wrinkles with cosmetic injectables; others may specialize in acne or scar revision therapy while some enjoy performing treatments that target unwanted fat or hair.  We each come from different backgrounds and have our own skincare experiences that ultimately inspired us to get into skincare.  In the next part of our #AYAGirls series, we wanted to share our history with AYA and a peek at our skincare product must-have picks.

The #AYAGirls Dish on Skincare



The diversity of patients matches the diversity of our team.  We all are unique in our genetic makeup and the types of skincare treatments that help to maintain our youthful look.  For this reason, skincare should be customized.  No two #AYAGirls have the exact same skincare regimen but we have all dabbled in new treatments to find the ones that work best for us.  By combining our personal experiences and professional training we believe healthy skin can be achieved at just about every age!

Three important factors to successful skincare are diligence, patience and doing your research.  When we say do your research we mean know who is performing your skincare treatments and their qualifications.  Not all medical spas and salons are created equally.  Just because a price seems tempting or the ambiance looks appealing, it doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best quality.  We hear horror stories of knock-off facial fillers or lethal fat reduction methods that cause way more harm to patients than they ever should have and we certainly hope that’s not what you’re in the market for!  When you try a treatment, be patient in its ability to produce great results.  Not all results are immediate and require the body to naturally hear before they can be fully seen.  As long as you stick to your customized regimen, there will come a time when your skin conditions seem like a distant memory.

When it comes to personalizing your skincare treatment, that’s where we come in.  During your complimentary skincare analysis we’ll go over your concerns and discuss what has and hasn’t been working in the past.  Then we’ll explore several treatment options and each of their benefits.  Even if you’re not entirely sure, that’s okay because we love seeing our patients happy and will work tirelessly to find the right combo for each individual.  We have two convenient locations (Phipps Plaza and Northside) to get you started (or continue if you’re a current patient!) on your healthy skin experience.  For more on the #AYAGirls and how they can help you, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Google+ to stay connected.