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The Perks of Tattoo Procedure Makeup

November 18, 2014 | Blog, Other, Permanent Makeup, Skin Care

Ever wish that you could roll out of bed looking your best? Though most of us don’t wake up looking like a million bucks, we can certainly try. Tattoo Procedure Makeup is not only your answer to looking glamorous around the clock, but it is also a major time saver for most women. We at AYA Medical Spa can use cosmetic tattooing to accentuate your facial features and bring some color and life into your appearance.

A variety of individuals can benefit from Tattoo Procedure Makeup makeup, including those who are allergic to traditional makeup, no longer wish to apply makeup every day, want to conceal scars, or have insufficient eyebrows. Prior to your Tattoo Procedure Makeup makeup application, our trained technician will evaluate your skin tone, discuss color options, as well as apply numbing gel fifteen to twenty minutes before your makeup is applied. Working like a tattoo, Tattoo Procedure Makeup makeup injects pigments into the upper layers of the skin creating a design similar to your own makeup without the need for daily reapplication. The pigment may be applied as eyeliner to the eyes, lip liner to the lips, or can give the brows color as well as fill in sparse areas. After your Tattoo Procedure Makeup makeup is applied, you will need to apply a small amount of ointment to the treated area for a few days to soothe the area and prevent infection. If the color fades too much during the healing process, you may have to schedule a follow-up appointment to touch up the color.

Tattoo Procedure Makeup makeup is also used for medical purposes. In some circumstances, Tattoo Procedure Makeup makeup can be used to conceal scars. Not everyone is a candidate for scar camouflage, but it is possible to conceal white scars that are at least a year old. The process begins by matching tattoo ink to your natural skin tone. Due to this procedure’s intricate nature, a thorough consultation is necessary to discuss your options, as well as issues that may inhibit the procedure. Cosmetic tattooing is also an option for breast cancer patients who would like to conceal scars or who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery and may benefit from areola pigmentation. This type of application is used to restore the natural-looking appearance of the breasts and can be received three to six months after their final breast procedure.

If you’re interested in Tattoo Procedure Makeup makeup and would like to set up a consultation, please contact us. Also, be sure to connect with AYA Medical Spa on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest for the latest cosmetic and skincare news and updates.

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