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AYA Medical Spa is committed to bringing the most advanced treatments to Atlanta. We are thrilled to offer CoolTone, an innovative development in non-surgical body sculpting and muscle defining from the makers of CoolSculpting®.

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CoolTone Firms and Tightens Without Surgery

Sometimes even our best exercise and dieting efforts don’t produce the results we want. The aesthetic experts at AYA Medical Spa are already highly experienced in CoolSculpting, the popular non-surgical procedure that removes stubborn fat. But what if you’re seeking more than just fat reduction? What if you want to actually sculpt your body for improved muscle definition and smoothness for a very healthy, strong, and svelte appearance? CoolTone is FDA approved to strengthen and tone muscles for more defined abs and firmer muscle tone in the buttocks.

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How Does CoolTone Work?

CoolTone utilizes magnetic muscle stimulation technology (MMS) to induce “supramaximal” muscle contractions. The exclusive device penetrates past skin and tissue to specifically target muscles. The body responds to the muscle contractions by strengthening muscle fibers, resulting in effective muscle conditioning that can’t be achieved through exercise alone.

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Frequently Asked Questions About CoolTone

What Areas Can CoolTone Treat?

CoolTone is FDA approved to treat the abdomen and buttocks.

How many CoolTone treatments will I need?

Your personalized treatment plan will vary depending on your goals, but most patients require four CoolTone treatment sessions for optimal results. After your four initial treatments, we recommend ongoing quarterly treatments as part of our CoolTone maintenance program.

What results can I expect from CoolTone?

CoolTone strengthens underlying muscles for a firmer, more toned appearance. You will see initial results after the first 4 treatments – optimal results will be noticeable approximately two months after treatment.

Can I combine CoolTone with Coolsculpting?

Yes, many patients are excited to combine these two procedures in order to achieve fat reduction and improved muscle tone, all with no downtime. However, CoolSculpting and CoolTone require separate treatment sessions. Contact us for a personalized body sculpting treatment plan.

What does CoolTone feel like?

Patients typically do not find CoolTone to be painful. You will feel muscle contractions that vary in intensity and may feel almost ticklish at first.

What can I expect for recovery after CoolTone?

No downtime is needed after CoolTone treatment and patients typically resume regular activities right away. You may experience mild soreness, like what you would feel after a workout.

How much does CoolTone cost?

CoolTone pricing varies because your CoolTone treatment plan will be completely personalized to meet your needs and goals. Contact us for a CoolTone consultation.

Is CoolTone right for me?

If you would like a firmer, more sculpted appearance with improved muscle tone in your abdomen or buttocks, then CoolTone may be right for you. CoolTone works most effectively for patients who are already at a healthy weight and would like to increase their muscle definition. Patients who are pregnant, nursing, have epilepsy, or have implanted medical devices such as pacemakers are not candidates for CoolTone.

How can I get CoolTone?

Patients who are in the know have been eagerly awaiting the availability of CoolTone! Now you can finally get CoolTone from the experienced professionals at AYA Medical Spa at our Buckhead location in the heart of Buckhead Village. If you’re ready for defined abs, toned thighs, and firmer buttocks, contact us today!

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