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Without Reservation, I Recommend AYA

March 11, 2015 | Testimonials

“Just before my 65th Birthday, my skin became dull and lifeless. Changing my skincare regimen did not help. On a trip to AYA to get some products, I had the opportunity to consult with one of the estheticians. My life changed!
My esthetician analyzed my skin and suggested that I consider laser treatments, in particular FotoFacial and Refirme. She also recommended different skincare products. Not only did the treatments and new products revitalize my skin, my esthetician was a delight to work with. She is warm, personable, and professional. During treatments, I feel as though I am her only client.

The results have been amazing! My skin is clearer, firmer, and it glows…so much so that people who do not know me, comment on my beautiful skin! My most supreme compliment came from my brother who raved about my clear, glowing skin! The results have continued, and I now am on a maintenance protocol.

Before I began working with my esthetician, I carefully checked out AYA and learned that it is the med spa for one of the oldest plastic surgery groups in Atlanta. All the estheticians are licensed and very warm and friendly. AYA at Phipps is very convenient, with an elevator to the parking deck right beside the front door.

Without reservation, I recommend AYA to anyone considering treatment to improve skin clarity and firmness!”

– S.S.