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Introducing Avéli️: A Revolutionary Cellulite Treatment

Many people struggle with cellulite, which can cause dimpled or lumpy-looking skin on the thighs and buttocks. In fact, up to 90% of women will experience cellulite forming in these areas during their lives. AYA Medical Spa is proud to offer the latest and most effective cellulite treatments like Avéli to our patients.

Before Aveli
After Aveli

What Is Avéli?

Avéli is a minimally-invasive cellulite procedure that releases the vertical bands of collagen (called septa) that tighten to form cellulite. Avéli delivers a lasting reduction in mild to severe cellulite in the thighs and buttocks and provides visibly smoother-looking skin in treatment areas after just one procedure.

How Does Avéli Work?

Avéli is performed in the office using a handheld device and a local anesthetic for maximum comfort. This device will be manually guided by an experienced provider to target and release the septa from the inside and eliminate the appearance of cellulite on the outside of the skin.

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Benefits of Exosomes for Hair Restoration & Growth

What Are Exosomes?</h3
Exosomes are a hair care and post-procedure add-on that aid in tissue regeneration and repair and can accelerate hair growth, promote faster recovery, and improve results when applied topically to the skin and scalp by AYA’s licensed aesthetic specialists following hair restoration and anti-aging treatments.

How Do Exosomes Work?

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles responsible for cell-to-cell communication. Exosomes are generated by all of the cells in our bodies and carry lipids, proteins, nucleic acids, and metabolites. These vesicles work as mediators of intercellular communication in health and healing.

Exosome Treatment Options

Exosomes for hair restoration are specially formulated with the ideal concentration of growth factors for the scalp. When combined with microneedling for hair restoration, they assist in accelerating hair regrowth and can expedite the desired results while reducing post-procedure downtime.

Complement hair regrowth treatments with Nutrafol drug-free hair growth supplements made with natural, medical-grade ingredients.

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