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AYA’s unique Dermafacial treatment combines Dermaplaning with our custom-blend facial service to combat wrinkles, unwanted facial hair and leave you with a smooth, youthful appearance. While Dermaplaning alone can deliver wondrous results, combining it with AYA’s signature facial services will provide an unparalleled facial experience.

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By first removing all unwelcome facial hair and oil deposits, Dermafacial ensures the facial cleaning and moisturizing agents are free to clear acne, furrows and other troublesome facial imperfections. Best of all, Dermafacial treatments requires no significant downtime.

To learn if Dermafacial is a suitable treatment option for you, please contact AYA Medical Spa to schedule a complimentary skin analysis.

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FAQ’s about Atlanta Dermafacial Treatments

Does the Dermafacial treatment provide medical benefits with the cosmetic benefits?

Dermafacial treatment help unclog pores and clear dead skin cells which can lead to uneven skin tone and acne. Regular Dermafacial treatment will improve your overall complexion and help promote gorgeous, healthy skin.

Is the Dermafacial service the same for everyone?

No. While the Dermaplaning portion may not vary as much depending on the client, AYA provides a wide array of facial services depending on preference and skin type. So every experience is special and wholly unique.

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