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Cosmetic treatments and services of all kinds are more popular than ever before with men. Today, guys have plenty of incentive to want to look and feel their best. Non-surgical cosmetic treatments provide several unique benefits to male patients. Unlike plastic surgery, cosmetic treatments at AYA Medical Spa can be performed quickly without the significant downtime for recovery that is associated with surgery. Additionally, many men may prefer the more subtle, natural results that non-surgical treatments can help them achieve.

Undergoing a cosmetic treatment at AYA Medical Spa can be an outstanding way to help guys achieve the aesthetic improvement they seek by treating the visible signs of aging, excess fat, and more. Regardless of the patient’s gender, we pride ourselves on helping everyone find the correct cosmetic treatments, services, and medical-grade skincare products for their specific needs.

Popular Treatments For Male Patients

The majority of cosmetic treatments that we perform on women can be applied to men as well, with a slightly different approach. This includes facial rejuvenation treatments like Facial Fillers. Non-surgical fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting® and Kybella® are also very popular among male patients. Laser hair removal can also help men who wish to remove unwanted body hair from a large variety of areas of the face and body.

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