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A recent study shared by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) reported 68% of people polled shared being bothered by their double chin (also referred to as submental fullness). Caused by age, genetics, and/or weight gain, double chins can affect even those who lead a relatively healthy and active lifestyle. Over the past several decades, double chins were only able to be addressed through traditional fat reduction treatments like facial plastic surgery – until now that is!

FDA-approved Kybella® fat reduction for the double chin is the nonsurgical alternative to facial plastic surgery to specifically help patients significantly reduce submental fat below the chin. Consisting of cosmetic injections administered directly into the fat under the chin, Kybella® destroys localized fat cells so they are no longer able to accumulate fat. This means that Kybella® produces results similar to liposuction – as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, the fat cells are expected to stay away!

kybella double chin treatment

Kybella® nonsurgical fat reduction treatments at AYA Medical Spa in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA require little to no downtime with injections administered in less than 20 minutes. For best results, patients are recommended a series of injections to help achieve a slimmer profile (2-4 treatments depending on the extent of the fat below the chin).

To learn if Kybella® fat reduction for the double chin is a suitable treatment option for you, please contact AYA Medical Spa to schedule a complimentary skin analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Atlanta Kybella® Treatments

What can I expect from my Kybella® fat reduction treatments?

During your initial complimentary consultation, our trained and certified cosmetic injectors will help determine the required number of treatments best suited to attain your results. For each treatment, Kybella® is administered through several injections directly into the fat below the chin (typically each treatment lasts 15-20 minutes) to destroy the fat cells so they can no longer accumulate fat. After treatment, Kybella® patients see improved, younger-looking contours.

How many Kybella® treatments will I need to improve my double-chin?

The specific number of Kybella® treatments depends on each patient and how much fat needs to be reduced. Generally, 2-4 treatments are recommended but some patients may need up to six for the best results.

Can Kybella® fat reduction treatments be used on other parts of my body?

Currently, Kybella® is only FDA approved for use on the fat below the chin and is not recommended for use on other parts of the body.

Are there any side effects associated with Kybella® treatments?

Downtime is minimal after your Kybella® treatments. The most common temporary side effects patients may experience include swelling, bruising, numbness, stiffness, and/or redness. To help with these side effects, an ice/cold pack and over-the-counter medicine may be recommended to help relieve any discomfort after treatment.

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