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Buyer Beware: Ordering Skincare Products Online

November 22, 2016 | Blog

Buyer Beware Ordering Skincare Products OnlineIt’s hard to argue with the convenience of online shopping. Being one click away from hundreds of products without having to leave the comfort of your own home has made it easier than ever to splurge on your skincare. Though the simplicity of online shopping is undeniable, there is a tradeoff when it comes to purchasing skincare products online.

Finding the best deal is always a great thing and third-party online stores let us buy everything from household cleaning supplies to even cars. The downside to buying skincare products from these third-party retailers is exposing yourself to products that could be expired, diluted or even counterfeit versions of popular skincare and cosmetic products that are typically only sold by medical professionals. While it can be hard to resist a great deal, using unknown or outdated products on your skin can have adverse effects. No discount or convenience is worth potential damage to your skin or even your overall health, so we’ve taken some time to highlight three of the most common dangers to look out for when shopping online for skincare products.

Expired Products

Some online retailers are willing to offer lower prices on certain products, without telling the shopper that the low price is a result of their product passing its expiration date. Many skincare products contain ingredients like retinol that can degrade over time. This can lead to diluted, ineffective products that can cause skin irritation, skin damage, or irreversible side effects.

Poorly-Stored Products

A lot of the time, products offered online are stored in warehouses. These warehouses can experience extremely hot or cold temperatures that can compromise the integrity of skincare products by affecting many active ingredients. Organic products that lack preservatives are especially vulnerable to the more extreme conditions.

Counterfeit Products

Counterfeiting is a big problem in the world of online skincare retailing. According to research conducted by The Counterfeit Report, personal care products, including skincare products, are among the most-commonly seized products by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents. Popular counterfeiting techniques include filling used bottles of a certain product with a cheap knockoff version and promoting is as authentic, even when it’s far from it.

There are some simple things to look out for to know if the product you’re shopping for online is compromised or inauthentic. Product labels should always contain a lot number, bar code, the manufacturer’s address and an expiration date. Be aware of packaging that differs in any way from the authentic brand or if the product appears to be poorly wrapped or packaged. At AYA Medical Spa, we only carry the highest-quality medical grade products that come directly from the manufacturer to ensure that our patients are getting about the quality, authentic skincare products. For more information on skincare products, treatments, or to schedule your complimentary skincare analysis, contact AYA today.