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History of Hair Removal

June 18, 2015 | Blog, Laser Hair Removal, Other

laser hair removal atlanta ga aya medical spaThe temperatures are definitely heating up here in Georgia and if the 90-degree weather doesn’t have you racing to the nearest pool, you’re a much braver soul than some of us at AYA Medical Spa!  Each year we work with many patients who are tired of spending so much time up-keeping their unwanted facial and body hair and are ready to toss the razors for good.  With the popularity of laser hair removal not showing signs of slowing down, the evolution of laser hair removal systems has met the increasing demand of going hairless by improving its effectiveness and safety for patients of a wide range of skin tones.  Have you ever thought about how laser hair removal came to be or just how far back men and women have been removing their hair?

The history of hair removal dates back centuries and it’s interesting to see the various methods used by our ancestors to get a silky smooth, hair-free body.  Before we dive into laser hair removal today, let’s take a look at the evolution of hair removal and how we have now come to know and love this effective cosmetic treatment:

Ancient Egyptian Period – Going hairless was a must for Ancient Egyptians and they could arguably be some of the earliest hair “waxers” using beeswax and sugar-based mixtures to wax the hair off their entire body.  Clamshells were also their most often used tool for hair removal similarly used in the same way that we use tweezers today.

Roman Empire Period – Not having hair on your body was a way to identify people of certain economic classes (wealthy people were hairless while poorer citizens were not).  Flints were used as the earliest form of razors and tweezers, creams and stones became more popular ways to remove excess hair during this period (ever notice a Greek statue with hair anywhere on their body?).

1760 – A French barber by the name of Jean Jacques Perret invents the straight razor for men (sorry ladies, no razors for you just yet).

1844 – Dr. Gouraud creates the first formula for depilatory cream (think along the lines of Nair or the type of cream you apply to the skin before being able to wipe away the hair after letting it sit on the skin for a certain amount of time).

1880 – The modern-day prototype for razors is introduced by King Camp Gillette (name sound familiar?)

1915 – The first razor for women is made by Gillette.

1960 – Waxing strips enter the skincare competition.

Mid 1960s – Lasers start experimental trials for laser hair removal.

1970s – After several years of research and trials, laser hair removal is deemed safer and more reliable for the general public (but they were not safe for all skin tones at this point so it was only effective for a select few candidates).

1990s – Laser hair removal becomes more commercial and resembles the systems we are accustomed to present day.

Hair removal has certainly come a long way since the days of early temporary methods, many of which are still used by some today.  The desire for a longer lasting removal treatment over the years has led to innovative laser hair removal systems that target hair on the face, back, underarms, legs, chest and bikini area.  As members of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), we get to see firsthand the strides being made to make laser hair removal readily available for everyone, regardless of their skin tone and hair color (since once upon a time laser hair removal was not safe for darker skin tones) in the safest manner possible.

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