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Skincare Tips for Spring

April 18, 2014 | Blog, Other, Skin Care, Skin Care Products

Now that the spring season is underway, we’re all striving for that radiant, naturally sun-kissed complexion.  AYA Medical Spa offers numerous cosmetic treatments, facial fillers, and skincare products that’ll leave your skin glowing, smooth, nourished, and youthful. We’ve broken down a list of skincare tips to help get you through the season:

It is important to remember that the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. You are more susceptible to getting sunburned in the spring, which may increase your chances for developing pigmentation and perhaps skin cancer in the future. To help treat your skin for sun damage, our Melanage Peel improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, sun spots, and hyperpigmentation. Our Glytone Sunscreen Spray is a lightweight UVA & UVB spray that protects skin against sunburn and premature skin aging.

If winter wreaked havoc on your skin, it’s time to shed those dead skin cells with a calming and soothing exfoliator. Our microdermabrasion treatment evenly and safely exfoliates the skin without chemicals to provide a more youthful appearance.

During those hot Georgia days, you need to make sure you stay hydrated not just for your health but for your skin as well.  We tend to sweat out moisture in our bodies, and by drinking at least six to eight glasses a day you can maintain the proper amount of hydration your body needs.

Make sure you cleanse once in the morning and once at night. As sweat and dirt can clog pores, it is important to clean the skin thoroughly.  During the daytime, choose cleansers that contain SPF to prevent sun damage and for nighttime, use alcohol-free cleansers that will act as a base for anything else you may apply to the skin. Our Elta MD® Facial Cleanser is deep cleansing, good for all skin types and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and clean.

It is important to restore moisture if your skin is dry and dull. Our licensed estheticians perform a moisturizing peel which exfoliates the dead skin that often causes skin to lose its luster and appear dull and dry. We also offer the Obagi® Hydrate Moisturizer, which provides long-lasting moisture for up to 8 hours.

To help our patients maintain a healthy skincare routine, we provide medical-grade skin care lines such as Obagi®, Revision®, and Elta MD® which offer a wide variety of facial cleansers, moisturizers, and creams. AYA’s licensed estheticians also perform chemical peels and customized facials to address surface imperfections in addition to the signs of aging.

To learn more about our skincare treatments or to find out which products are best for you, contact us. Also, be sure to connect with AYA on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest for the latest cosmetic and skincare news and updates.