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Here at AYA, we pride ourselves on providing the most innovative and up-to-date skincare treatments available. That’s why we are proud to offer DiamondGlow facial treatments (formerly known as SilkPeel DemalInfusion). DiamondGlow is an advanced skin resurfacing treatment designed to provide amazing, comprehensive rejuvenating results for the face, neck, and chest.

diamondglow facial

Like microdermabrasion, DiamondGlow treatments at AYA begin by exfoliating the facial skin to gently remove the outer layers of the skin. Once the skin is exfoliated, we use a special tool to cleanse and infuse the skin with healthy serums specially formulated to treat specific aesthetic imperfections including dry skin, hyperpigmentation, acne, and more.

Since the process is simultaneous, not sequential, DiamondGlow can help exfoliate, cleanse, and infuse the skin in less time than other similar treatments. DiamondGlow treatments typically take just 30 minutes and will not require downtime for recovery. Results can be seen immediately after the treatment has concluded and are meant to be long-lasting.

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DiamondGlow FAQs

What makes someone a good candidate for DiamondGlow treatments?

Good candidates for DiamondGlow treatments at AYA are anyone who experiences dry skin, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone, and sun damage. DiamondGlow is safe for nearly all skin tones and types.

How many DiamondGlow treatments will I need to see results?

Although patients will notice results immediately after their initial treatment, some people will benefit from undergoing a series of 2 – 4 treatments in order to see the best-possible results.

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