AYA Medical Spa in Atlanta, GA offers Tattoo Procedure Makeup, a cosmetic procedure that uses tattoo-like technology to apply cosmetics to the face in areas like the eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Working like a tattoo, Tattoo Procedure Makeup injects pigments into the upper layers of the skin creating a design similar to your own makeup without the need for daily reapplication.

Tattoo Makeup Areas of Application

Most commonly, Tattoo Procedure Makeup is applied to the eyes, brows, and lips. Tattoo Procedure Makeup can be administered as eyeliner to accentuate the eyes, to provide shape and/or color to the eyebrows, as lip liner to define the lips, or to add color to the lips similar to lipstick. The colored pigments we use for Tattoo Procedure Makeup are specially formulated for cosmetic tattooing, providing a softer effect than traditional tattoo pigments. However, Tattoo Procedure Makeup is also used for medical purposes. In some circumstances, Tattoo Procedure Makeup can be used to conceal scars. Breast cancer patients who have had breast reconstruction surgery can benefit from areola pigmentation (nipple restoration) to further restore a natural-looking appearance to their breasts after breast cancer surgery.

Scar Camouflage

Not everyone is a candidate for scar camouflage, but it is possible to conceal white scars that are at least a year old. The process begins by matching tattoo ink to a patient’s natural skin tone. Due to this procedure’s intricate nature, a thorough consultation is necessary to discuss your options, as well as issues that may impede the procedure. If you’re interested in our scar camouflage services, schedule a consultation today. Even if you are not a candidate for tattooed scar camouflage, the appearance of your scars may be reduced with one of our laser treatments or skin care products.

Areola Pigmentation

AYA Medical Spa offers areola pigmentation services in Atlanta, GA that are performed to provide breast cancer patients with natural-looking breasts after surgery. During breast cancer removal surgery (mastectomy or lumpectomy), part or all of the breast tissue is removed. Many breast cancer patients seek breast reconstruction surgery to restore their appearance. As a final step in the reconstruction process, areola pigmentation may be performed three to six months following the patient’s last reconstructive breast procedure.

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Frquently Asked Questions about Tattoo Procedure Makeup

Who is a good candidate for cosmetic tattooing?

Unlike some of our other services, most individuals are candidates for Tattoo Procedure Makeup. For cosmetic purposes, individuals who no longer wish to apply makeup everyday make good candidates, as do individuals who are allergic to makeup. For scar camouflage, patients with white scars that are at least a year old may make good candidates, but this should be evaluated during a cosmetic consultation. Breast cancer patients who have undergone breast reconstruction surgery may benefit from areola pigmentation three to six months after their final breast procedure.

Where can Tattoo Procedure Makeup be applied?

Cosmetic tattoos are typically applied to the eyes, brows, and lips (mimicking eyeliner, eyebrow shading, lip liner, and/or lipstick). However, Tattoo Procedure Makeup can also be used to conceal some scars or to complete a breast cancer patient’s breast reconstruction with areola pigmentation.

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

Since AYA is owned and operated by board certified plastic surgeons, we are able to provide the finest and strongest medical numbing compounds available. A primary numbing compound will be applied 15 to 20 minutes before the procedure, and a secondary numbing gel is used to control pain and swelling during the procedure.

How do I decide on a color?

Before your procedure, you will meet with a trained technician, who will evaluate your skin tone and discuss color options with you. Blacks and charcoals are usually used around the eyes (like eyeliner), but our technicians rely on your warm and cool undertones to select brow and lip pigments so they are consistent with your skin’s natural tone. It’s important to understand that the color will appear darker immediately after treatment. During the healing process, most cosmetic tattoos will lighten 20-30%. AYA only uses pigments from trusted, American resources. The colors used are specially formulated for cosmetic tattooing, which provides a softer effect than traditional tattoo pigments. Colors can be mixed to better match a patient’s skin tone.

What kind of aftercare is required after cosmetic tattooing?

For two or three days after your procedure, you will need to apply a small amount of ointment to the treated area to soothe the skin and prevent bacteria growth. To further avoid infection or color loss, sun and chlorine should be avoided during healing. A perfecting appointment, or follow-up, may be necessary four to six weeks after the initial procedure as 20-30% of color is lost during the healing process. Patients usually return for maintenance visits every few years to refresh colors faded by the sun, medications, and skin treatments.

Does AYA have an in-house specialist to apply Tattoo Procedure Makeup?

Yes, our dermagraphics specialist, Robin Hays, has been practicing the art of applying Tattoo Procedure Makeup since 1993. Robin is well known for her areola tattooing and freehand eyebrow tattooing techniques.

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