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What is the Best Hair Removal Method for Men?

January 12, 2012 | Blog, Laser Hair Removal, Other

I’ve seen advertisements that winter is the best season for hair removal, but all the ads feature women. Can men take advantage of laser hair removal? What’s the best method for the removal of hair for men?

Laser hair removal, though often marketed toward women, can be useful to men as well. Whether you want to call it “man-scaping” or “de-fuzzing” many men are prepping for warmer months by undergoing laser hair removal treatments. Hair can be removed from the back, chest, face, legs, arms, underarms, and other areas.

Laser hair removal works by emitting laser energy which targets the darker pigments in hair to impede future growth. At AYA Medical Spa we have various options for laser hair removal:

Candela GentleMAX® is one of AYA’s most versatile lasers. With one of the widest applicators and dual wavelength technology, GentleMax® can safely remove hair from those with suntanned skin and darker skin as well as reduce facial veins and wrinkles. This laser treatment is available at our Phipp’s Plaza location.

The trained and licensed estheticians at AYA Medical Spa can help you determine which laser treatment will best suit your laser hair removal needs through a consultation and skin treatment analysis.

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