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Winter Skin Repair Tips

December 18, 2015 | Blog

Winter Skin Repair TipsWhile there may not be snow on the ground here in Atlanta and the warm t-shirt weather we’ve been having can seem a bit confusing (it’s December still right?), winter is here and that could mean trouble for your skin. At AYA Medical Spa we are firm believers in preaching healthy skincare and just as you change your wardrobe to accommodate the changing seasons, you should practice the same with your skincare treatments and routine. We’ve rounded up the three most common concerns our patients experience and a few of the top winter skin repair tips we recommend to help keep your skin glowing this holiday season!

If you have dry skin…

As temperatures drop, so does the humidity and nothing says winter is here quite like blistering winds and icy chills on your face. Lower humidity combined with cold winds strip much-needed moisture from your skin and can cause severely dry skin if not properly protected. So even if you hide out all winter long in your house, cranking up the heat inside the house still can dry up the natural oils needed in your skin and cause it to dry out. Since dry skin needs moisture, we recommend a good daily dose of medical-grade skincare products, like moisturizing lotions, to quench your skin’s thirst. Avoid taking long, hot showers or soaks in the bath, because this too strips your skin of essential oils. Work your favorite moisturizer into your skin when it’s still damp to really soak up your product and look into adding a humidifier to your home décor to help keep the moisture levels up.

If you have dull skin…

Part of the benefit of having skincare treatments in the winter is that it helps give the skin a chance to recover from significant time spent outdoors. Sure our bronzed complexions are bound to fade but it’s the physical signs of exposure to the sun that we should pay particular attention to and one is dull-looking skin. When we say dull, we are mostly talking about skin that lacks brightness and vibrancy. Winter weather just adds upon the damage to the skin and contributes to making skin appear older than it may naturally be. To treat a wide-range of superficial skin concerns from reducing fine lines and wrinkles to smoothing and softening the skin, and even encouraging cellular renewal, customized chemical peels may be the treatment of choice. Applying the topical chemical peel solution to the outermost layers of the face prompts damaged skin to peel away, revealing healthy skin underneath, for a brighter, overall healthier-looking appearance.

If you have wrinkled skin…

One of your best defenses to wrinkled skin is SPF. Even in the cooler months, the UV rays from the sun can wreak havoc on your face. The sun is one of the biggest guilty parties contributing to wrinkles and premature aging and patients tend to only think SPF is needed during the summer months at the beach to protect the skin – it’s a 24/7/365 kind of commitment though and your first step towards a great anti-aging treatment that can start at home. Skincare treatments for wrinkles come in a variety of options. Some patients enjoy temporary relief with Botox® and facial fillers while others may prefer laser treatments, like Ultherapy® skin tightening, for nonsurgically firming up their skin.

We’ll be sharing more skincare tips in the coming weeks to make sure your skin gets the year-round love it deserves! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to stay connected and even send us your skincare questions which could be featured in one of our upcoming #Dear AYAGirls series. Check out our December skincare specials, featuring a few of our most popular services, and feel free to contact AYA at 404-842-1772 to schedule your winter treatment today.