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Welcome to AYA Medical Spa’s January edition of Beauty Buzz! In this newsletter, we’re proud to announce that we’re one of the first practices to offer Daxxify for frown lines! Plus, check out our healthy habits to adopt in 2023.

Introducing DAXXIFY

We’re one of the first practices to offer DAXXIFY, the only FDA-approved peptide treatment for frown lines that lasts 6 months on average, with some patients experiencing results lasting as long as 9 months!

Want to learn more or schedule your first treatment with DAXXIFY? Tap the button below!

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Healthy Habits to Adopt in 2023

Consider adding these skincare habits to your 2023 New Year resolutions for healthy, beautiful skin this year and in the long term.

Re-apply sunscreen every 2 hours.

It’s no secret how important it is to use SPF daily, but few reapply as often as they should for optimal benefit (every two hours, or sooner if swimming or sweating).. Stick formulations like Elta MD UV Stick Broad-Spectrum SPF 50+ make it easy for on-the-go reapplication.

Find a skincare routine you can stick to.

Whether your skincare routine includes 13 steps or three, the best beauty regimen is the one you can stay consistent with every day. Consistency is key!

If your routine is in a rut, our licensed estheticians offer complimentary skin analysis consultations to create a treatment protocol based on your skin’s needs.

Stay ahead of facial aging

The best way to treat facial aging is prevention! The effects of mild concerns like dark spots, fine lines, and volume loss can be corrected far more effectively before they become a significant problem. With a healthy diet and exercise, facial rejuvenation at any age is your strongest ally in ensuring beautiful facial aesthetics for years to come.

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