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Welcome to AYA Medical Spa’s February edition of Beauty Buzz! This newsletter breaks down what a Lip Flip is and why it will revolutionize your lip shape. Plus, Medical-Grade Skincare. Is it worth it? Read below for why we think so!

What is A Lip Flip?

A full upper lip that is proportionate to the bottom lip can balance the face and is considered a sign of youthful beauty and vitality. A thin upper lip can be responsible for what’s referred to as a “gummy smile,” and it can make the face appear unsymmetric. However, even if you weren’t born with a naturally plump upper lip you can easily look as though you did with a quick lip flip treatment.

The BOTOX lip flip is a minimally invasive approach to creating the illusion of fuller lips by enhancing the natural shape without adding volume. The lip flip is a treatment that involves the placement of several units of BOTOX along the orbicularis oris muscle near the cupid’s bow or vermillion border, to relax the tension in this muscle and “flip” the lip for a fuller, poutier look. The BOTOX relaxes the muscle enough to effectively flip the underside of the top lip outward, making more of the upper lip visible and creating a plumper, fuller, yet completely natural-looking upper lip.

Benefits of BOTOX Lip Flip

BOTOX injections in the top lip can create a fuller-looking, more relaxed upper lip. In addition, a Botox lip flip is a form on non-invasive lip augmentation that:

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AYA Medical Grade Skincare Promise

At AYA Medical Spa we are committed to remaining true to our standards by providing the highest quality medical-grade skincare products to our customers. We purchase our products straight from our vendor, so you can rest assured knowing that your skincare is authentic.

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