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Welcome to AYA Medical Spa’s August edition of Beauty Buzz! This month’s newsletter is focused on the top treatments to keep your skin and hair youthful and healthy. Plus, check out our favorite at-home skincare product that we can’t get enough of in August.

Time to Let Your Hair Down!

Experiencing hair thinning or loss? Discover PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, treatment for hair growth restimulation! PRP is designed to help simulate hair follicles to promote growth activity.

Benefits of PRP

Contact us to learn more about how PRP can help reinvigorate your hair!

The Many Uses of BOTOX

BOTOX Can Do That?

Most of our clients who come to AYA Medical Spa already know how great BOTOX Cosmetic is for smoothing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, especially on the forehead. However, there are so many other ways we can employ BOTOX to help improve your appearance, and even a few applications that may improve your life. Learn all about the many applications for BOTOX available at our Atlanta medical spa!

Question: BOTOX Can Help Me Stop Grinding My Teeth?

Answer: Yes! By injecting small amounts of BOTOX into these muscles, we can relax the masseter muscles and help ease the pain, headaches, and tooth and gum damage caused by tooth grinding and jaw clenching.

Question: Can BOTOX Help Make My Neck Look Younger?

Answer: Absolutely! With targeted BOTOX injections, we can help relax specific muscles that run up the front left and right sides of the neck, dramatically improving the appearance of neck bands.

Question: What Other Areas of the Face Can BOTOX Be Used On?

Answer: BOTOX is great for reducing the appearance of “bunny lines,” those face wrinkles that appear when you scrunch your nose or smile deeply. Since these lines are the result of overuse of certain facial muscles, by relaxing the muscles with BOTOX we can reduce their appearance.

Question: BOTOX Can Help With Excessive Sweating?

Answer: Indeed! BOTOX can be used to disturb the nerve signals that prompt the sweat glands to perspire. With just a few simple injections, you can say goodbye to sweaty palms, soggy socks, and those dreaded underarm stains.

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Provider Highlight

Revision Clay Mask

“I love Revision Skincare’s Pore Purifying Clay Mask not just because of how soft and clean my skin feels afterwards, but it’s fun to apply and makes me fel like I’m leveling up my self care game”
– Dana Prieto | Aesthetic Injector, NP-C

Revision Skincare Pore Purifying Clay Mask – $48