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Welcome to AYA Medical Spa’s November edition of Beauty Buzz! This newsletter is focused on skincare essentials. Plus, we dive deep into one of our favorite lip-enhancing procedures, the Lip Flip.

Introducing The Pumpkin Enzyme Mask by Revision Skincare

pumpkin enzyme + bixa orellana seed extract + gold Brazilian clay

Featuring the gentle, dual-action of pumpkin exfoliators, the new Revision Skincare Pumpkin Enzyme Mask instantly revitalizes the complexion by drawing out impurities and leaving the skin smooth and healthy.

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The Lip Flip Procedure by Nurse Practitioner, Alorna Maxey

If you are curious if a Lip Flip is the right procedure for you, schedule an in-person and phone consultation. All consultations are confidential and complimentary.

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Provider Highlight

Phyto-C B5 Gel

“I LOVE the Phyto-C B5 Gel! It absorbs into my skin well and I find that it has helped significantly with my acne, oily & dryness, and redness. It’s a game-changer for me.”

Hydrate and Moisturize – $37