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Out With the Old, In With the New: Scar Revision Treatments

May 27, 2015 | Blog, Other, Skin Care

scar-revision-in-atlanta-ga (1)If you were to take a poll of how many of us have scars from one event or another, there’d probably be very few people who had never had one in their lifetime (being a kid + jungle gyms = too many scrapes, cuts & bruises to count).  Scars can come in many different types (acne, surgical, burn, traumatic or keloid), shapes, colors, sizes and position on the body – nowhere is off limits to scars) and is our body’s natural way of healing.  When we damage the skin the body goes into a type of repair-mode and works to replace lost or damaged skin.  Scars are made up of fibrous tissue that replaces normal skin after an injury; for many scars will fade, but for others, they can remain unsightly to men and woman and need the assistance of scar revision treatments to effectively reduce the appearance.

At AYA Medical Spa we believe that diligence and a well-planned scar rehabilitation treatment program is the key to tackling scars.  Our licensed providers can effectively reduce the appearance of scars safely for patients of all skin types and anywhere on the body.  That’s why we are excited to share that we have adopted two scar revision treatments to help you do just that.  To kick off the introduction of our newest treatments, we are going to start with SkinPen® micro needling scar revision.

We stated earlier that scars form in response to trauma to the skin.  The irony of SkinPen® micro needling is that it helps to reverse the scars appearance by creating superficial trauma to the skin.  Touted for its ability to smooth wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, dermal roller technology has been around for a while.  How SkinPen®® works is simple yet effective: a collection of microscopic needles are rolled over the surface of the skin.  The needles create small wound patterns that the body goes into repair mode on as old collagen chains are broken up and new collagen is stimulated to smooth and firm the skin.

What sets SkinPen® apart from previous dermal roller treatments is its engineering.  SkinPen® has a narrow handpiece and sterile, disposable needle tips that can be adjusted to get the right depth needed to treat your scar.  Its flexibility allows us to get in those hard to reach areas around the face such as around the nose and on the upper lip.  This is important because you only want to treat the scar and not unnecessarily damage the surrounding skin; with SkinPen® this precision is such a great benefit for our patients.  To further stimulate the proper healing process, once SkinPen® treatment is complete we may apply active skincare ingredients from the line of medical-grade skincare products we carry to further reduce your scars appearance and even help manage ongoing conditions such as acne.

Each patient’s skin is different and subsequently heals differently so when you see visible results will vary from patient to patient and can be as quick as a few days up to a week following treatment.  Depending on the depth of your scar, multiple SkinPen® treatments are necessary to, but the number of sessions can be determined during your initial consultation and adjusted depending on the type of results we see progress as your skin heals.  SkinPen® treatments are safe for any skin type and tone and combining this scar revision treatment with one of our several laser treatments, we are able to improve the skin’s texture and brighten the overall complexion where the scar once was.

Stay tuned to our blog in the upcoming weeks when we will introduce our Sciton® laser scar revision therapy and the newest additions to our extensive menu of services.  If you’d like to learn more about scar revision or SkinPen® treatments, contact AYA Medical Spa today.  Be sure to follow the #AYAGirls on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ for more skincare news and updates.