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Simple Tips to Look Your Very Best This Spring

March 20, 2019 | Blog

Simple Tips to Look Your Very Best This SpringSpring us upon us. As the days get longer and the weather starts to warm up, it is finally time to shake off the long, cold winter chill. But while you may be ready for the spring and all the great, fun things it has in store, your skin may not be quite as prepared.

The winter conditions and fluctuating temperatures can lead to dry, stressed-out, undernourished skin on your face and body. For anyone concerned about how to achieve healthy, glowing skin as we transition into spring, the skincare experts at AYA Medical Spa are happy to provide the following simple tips.

Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

It’s common for excess body hair to accumulate during the winter months. That’s why the spring is traditionally such a great time for laser hair removal treatments. Before you begin your treatment, there are things you can do to help promote the best possible results from laser hair removal. We recommend using a full-body exfoliating scrub to help remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, leading to the best conditions to begin laser hair removal treatments.

Avoid Household Skin Irritants

Spring cleaning can extend beyond your closets and cupboards. Brushes that you use to apply makeup can experience a build-up of bacteria and other irritants that can do harm to your facial skin. Try gently washing your brushes with a natural, non-chemical cleanser and allow them time to dry completely. Additionally, certain household cleaning products can expose your skin to harsh chemical ingredients. Seeking out natural or organic alternatives can often help.

Find an Eye Cream You Like

Being outdoors and in the sun again when spring rolls around is great, but when your eyes aren’t used to the brightness of being in the sun, it can lead to a lot of squinting. Unfortunately, this squinting can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. This is why we strongly recommend finding an eye cream that works for you and sticking with it. Revision® Skincare D·E·J eye cream is a personal favorite around here.

Eat a Skin-Friendly Diet

Eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables can help provide additional hydration, as well as beneficial vitamins and nutrients your skin needs to retain its elasticity and stay looking it’s very best. Loading up on citrus fruits, apples, watermelon, lettuce, broccoli, and carrots can all do your complexion good this spring.

The spring is a time for revealing beauty all around us. And that starts with our skin. If you have any questions for our skincare experts, don’t hesitate to contact AYA Medical Spa or stop by one of our locations to schedule a complimentary skincare analysis appointment. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more skincare tips, news, and info on all of our upcoming events including our Spring Open House Events.