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We Cater to You—Customized Facials at AYA Medical Spa

September 26, 2011 | Blog, Other, Skin Care

Fall seems to be one of the busiest times of the year. With school back in swing and the holiday season creeping up on the calendar, it’s often difficult to find time to pamper yourself. If the typical manicure or routine hair appointment doesn’t make you feel like you’re spending the little amount of precious free “me” time you have wisely, then you should read on to learn more about the customized facials and skin care treatments designed specifically for your skin at AYA Medical Spa.

AYA’s customized facials can be tailored to all skin types. Ranging from anti-aging to moisturizing facials and even acne facials, our facials can help rejuvenate your skin no matter what condition it is currently.

Facials are not only therapeutic for their relaxing qualities but also physically benefit the skin. Before the treatment, one of our licensed estheticians will perform a thorough skin analysis to determine which combination of products and steps will best benefit your particular skin type. After cleansing the skin of any dirt, oil, or makeup that could hamper skin treatment, the skin is then exfoliated to remove the dead cells that cause a dull or aged looking complexion.

Once the dead skin on the surface of your face is removed, steam is applied to open the pores and allow the esthetician to remove any pore debris that may be clogging them or causing skin irritation. Afterward, skin care products are applied based on what you and your esthetician decided during the skin analysis as well as a soothing mask to complement the other steps of the procedure. Before you’re completely finished, you’ll be given a protective coat of sunscreen and moisturizer to maximize your results and protect your newly rejuvenated appearance.

Our anti-aging facial helps to refresh skin that may appear dull due to the slowed production of oils and collagen that come with age.  A moisturizing facial helps immediately replenish moisture to dry, dull skin while also encouraging the skin to produce more moisture on its own.

Visit our website for more information on our facials or other facial rejuvenation treatments like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. To schedule a consultation, check out the contact us page.  To stay up to date on our skin care specials and news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.