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Why is the end of winter the best time for laser skin treatments?

March 14, 2011 | Blog, Laser Hair Removal, Other, Skin Care

The late winter months are notorious for putting us into a season transition slump- the chilly March mornings and significantly warmer afternoon’s have us shedding layers and toting extra clothes just in case at the same time.  What doesn’t change about this time of year is it’s perfect for laser skin treatments.  Our AYA certified estheticians recommend patients take advantage of laser hair removal, SkinTyte skin tightening, and fractionated laser skin resurfacing during the last bit of the season.

As we’ve discussed in our previous blog on laser hair removal, protection from UV light is a key component after any laser skin treatment.  Because most laser procedures (i.e.- hair removal, skin resurfacing, vein reduction, and pigmentation reduction) work by targeting specific skin cells to speed the cell rejuvenation process, it’s important to remember to protect those new, healthy cells from environmental damage like that from the sun.  During the winter, we’re subconsciously more apt to do so because we spend less time outdoors and wear more protective clothing.

The obvious advantage of undergoing laser skin treatments during the end of winter is the opportunity to reveal results in time for warm weather.   Most laser treatments require a series of applications to yield optimal results.  For example, laser hair removal typically requires 4-6 treatments, while laser vein reduction usually requires 3 treatments, etc.  Therefore, it’s wise to give your laser technician a little extra lead time if you want to be able to show off your results on that beach vacation you’re planning this summer.

With that in mind, spring vacation time is actually ideal for more extensive procedures like concentrated chemical peels and fractionated laser skin resurfacing that require some recuperation. However, we offer a host of skin treatments and skin care products that involve very little (if any) downtime.  To read more about the laser skin treatments offered at AYA Medical Spa’s Phipps Plaza and Northside locations visit our website and continue to read our blog.